Socialpire for YouTube

Web-based social media software for YouTube.





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Video Notification System

Allows users to add channels or keywords to watch for new videos. With each VNS entry, users can do things like automatically add new videos to one or more tasks, and or the video manager. Additionally, keyword VNS queries can have a minimum # of subscribers filter that ignores videos from small channels.

Video Scraper

Supports keyword, channel, and trending page scraping. You can scrape up to 5 pages of videos, and filter them using upload date (last hour, today, this week, etc), and also sort them by upload date, view count, or rating. All languages are supported, and the scraping can be done using any of the 94 countries supported by YouTube.

Account Ager

YouTube’s anti-spam system currently focuses on account activity more than anything else. This feature was developed to combat that by using a real browser to simulate human-like YouTube activity on accounts that have this feature enabled.

Video Manager / Rank Tracker

Easily keep track of video stats and keyword rankings. The rank tracking feature includes the current rank, and the difference in a day, week, and month. Keywords can be set to use any of the 94 countries on YouTube.

Keyword Tool

Can be used to do basic keyword research and helps content creators by providing keyword and tag suggestions for new videos. It also provides stats that can be used to determine what keyword densities are effective, and how difficult ranking for the keyword is.

Desktop Client

Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It extends the functionality of the web-based software by allowing users to login to accounts locally. Required for accounts that use Two-Factor Authentication, but can also be used when you do not want to add your YouTube account’s password directly to the software.



per month

  • Unlimited Accounts
  • 5 Tasks
  • 5 Task Threads
  • 1 VNS Keyword
  • 10 VNS Channels
  • 50 Account Ager Slots

per month

  • Unlimited Accounts
  • 10 Tasks
  • 8 Task Threads
  • 5 VNS Keywords
  • 25 VNS Channels
  • 100 Account Ager Slots

per month

  • Unlimited Accounts
  • 20 Tasks
  • 15 Task Threads
  • 10 VNS Keywords
  • 50 VNS Channels
  • 250 Account Ager Slots